About us

A history of success coupled with a global network of experienced team members and strong values drives medical device innovation without compromise.

Our story

Built on a virtual partnership model to assemble inspired teams and deliver both a cost and time-to-market advantage

iO life science was founded in February 2015 out of a strategic relationship with LUNAR Europe now FLUID Design. By offering a flexible virtual work environment and support for local ecosystems globally, iO's partnership model delivers clients an inspired medical device design and engineering team as well as a significant project completion time and cost advantage. With this successful partnership model, iO has won several big clients (e.g. Novartis, AbbVie, AstraZeneca) and worked with many medtech startups on complex development projects.

Decades of experience

From medtech startups to industry leading companies


How we work

Gain access to the best minds in medical device development

Class I, II, III medical devices • QMS • ISO 13485 regulations

A team to meet your needs

Lean and responsive, iO provides clients a single point of contact to a flexible multi-disciplinary team assembled from our extensive network of global medtech experts and affiliates. Leveraging the best the market has to offer, every iO project team is configured to precisely reflect client needs and balanced to include the full range of skills required for successful product realization.

A process to ensure success

iO incorporates risk identification and quality management activities into every stage of our medical device development process to efficiently drive compliance-led innovation. Our rapid de-risking methodology with ongoing verification and milestone driven fixed fee model delivers value from the start. All activities on behalf of our clients are completely transparent in our journey together.


What we believe

integrity  •  empathy  •  partnership

Consider all stakeholders

We believe successfully guiding innovation through the development process starts with a strong vision that is fully assessed for feasibility before the detailed engineering begins. Specifications are based on input from all stakeholders including end-users and patients.

Integration & compliance

For iO, design and engineering is a fully integrated process, and by considering regulatory requirements during every step of development, innovation is driven without ever compromising compliance.

Safety, efficacy & quality

The strong personal integrity of the iO team combined with our integrity-based development process and quality management system builds on a risk managed approach to ensure safety, efficacy and quality every time—ultimately resulting in medical devices patients love and trust.