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trusted by established and startup healthcare brands, iO is an award-winning full-service life science partner dedicated to designing, developing and delivering unique medical device solutions.

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Our Multi-disciplinary team of medical device experts and global partners are dedicated to transforming our client's technologies into unique solutions.


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Through our user-centric approach, we discover the simplest user journey and interactions with  the product, leading to safe, more desirable, and effective solution.


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Our people, processes and partners are integrated to scale in the pursuit of discovering the future of medical devices.

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those who choose to work with us do so because of our shared values and our authentic desire to improve patient lives. we have a unique ability to understand our clients’ needs and give them confidence to execute their plans and reach their goals.





iO testimonials

I’ve worked with Rajan and iO life science twice for product design projects. We had a slightly rough start hashing out the details, but once we got going they produced an amazing product rendering for us. They are a nice, small team capable of handling design from inception to completion. They work with you through the process and make sure everything is covered. They are also cost-effective, I highly recommend them!

- Bob Curtis


I’ve been working with the iO life science team for about a year or two. They are helping us develop a magnetic delivery device from conception to the prototype phase now. They have a great team and they really know what they’re doing. 

They bring a very high level of experience and a unique view while working on design development. They know the rules and regulations for building devices and that knowledge is extremely important to our product development. 

Working with them has given me peace of mind, I know I don’t have to worry about the project and how things will go. I’ve had a great experience, they are very professional and I highly recommend them. 

- Abhita


I would recommend iO life science for early-stage startups who have a problem to solve with a medical device but don’t know where to begin. iO will help create and fine-tune a working prototype to help get you to the next stage of investment. They were good at bringing our initial prototype to an improved design and the engineers were available to work with us even though they were overseas.

- Sathya


We were among the first companies to work with iO life science. They helped us create a wearable product with a hub and canister to go with it. What really impressed me was their process for gathering user and stakeholder data and how they incorporated that into the product design. They really dug in to find the needs of patients and nurses, which was extremely useful. We had a very pleasant experience and are happy customers who would happily recommend them to anyone in need of product design.

- David Kuraguntla


I recently worked with Rajan and the team on a usability testing project for a medical device. They put together a great process to obtain feedback from a focus group and observe clinicians interacting with the device. They got great feedback that helped set expectations and requirements for improving the product.

When you need to put together a process, iO life science will think through the details and provide a thorough, candid process to get the results you need. I highly recommend them!

- Amir


It was challenging for us to move the device from our lab bench to the user’s hands.
A well thought out design and device usability from iO, made our device simple yet accurate and reliable.
These guys are the real thing when it comes to translating the vision into the reality."

- Sathya Elumalai, CEO | Multisensor Diagnostics


"What’s awesome about iO is your process and the patient focus. And the fact that you can back that up with enigineering chops."

- David Kuraguntla, CEO | graftworx