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From startups to established brands we help medical device innovators make a difference in people’s lives.

Recent pharma & medtech projects

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digitally connected auto-injector

a holistic patient experience using smart technology to enhance the well-being of patients with chronic conditions and lowering cost by enabling pharma to provide best possible therapies

smart blister

an "intelligent" drug blister package coupled with a mobile app aimed at reducing addiction to opioids and other controlled medications

wearable pain assessment

a real-time, objective pain assessment system that objectively measures pain and tracks the effectiveness of treatment, allowing physicians to deliver the right treatment at the time the patient needs it most
Rapid Prototype

pre-filled syringe rapid prototyping

for rapid movement into an animal trial, the
first round of designs focused on using an existing small scale syringe barrel as a primary container.
Drug Delivery

formative evaluation study

combination drug delivery device multi language and culture usability study.
Blister Packaging Applicator

clinical wearable applicator

assist at home patients with smart patch placement for remote fistula monitoring.

non invasive pain managent therapy

the first medical-grade non-drug solution for pain relief, built on proprietary audio-visual technology positioned to be the new treatment for chronic pain recovery

at home health monitoring

designed to empower high-need patients through a home-based care solution, this inhaler type device can provide eight different health indicators in less than one-minuten "intelligent"

smart implantable vascular port

the world's first connected implantable vascular access port, capable of both drug delivery and physiologic monitoring  for cancer and cardiac patients at high risk of complications.

remote oncology therapy 

artificial intelligence enables real time patient biomarker monitoring and symptom management.
Dialysis Packaging

direct to consumer packaging

packaging design focused on out-of-box experience to assist with at home onboarding of medical device.
GraftWorx Patch & Hub

bedside cardio monitoring

Industrial design based on stakeholder requirements and risk analysis. Develop features, design language to ensure simple user experience and elegant solutions.

combination product design exploration

platform for various drug viscosities and patient types that meet the client design and brand to maximize market share.

vaginal hormone free therapy

empowering self-care for millions of woman, this ultrasound therapy solution revitalizes vaginal lubrication with just few minutes a day treatment.

respiratory target drug delivery

applies efficient patented inhaler technologies to uniquely enable highly targeted delivery of drugs to treat pulmonary diseases.

complete migraine solution

a wearable neuromodulation device placed on the hand for pain relief with the push of a button.
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point of care diagnostics

empowering clinicians with a multi-sensor, point-of-care synovial fluid analysis device for the rapid detection of periprosthetic joint infection.
alessa_3 1

implantable targeted drug delivery

an implantable, silicone-based device delivering anti-androgen drugs locally to the desired tissue.

real-time cardio monitoring platform

giving dialysis patients back control with a cloud-base solution that detects fistula failure during maturation and provides long-term clinician suppor.

3D print of eeg flext electrode redesign

the design challange was to create an ABS electrode that can compress over 4-6mm, without damage to the silver-chloride plating.

novel retinal therapy pre-filled syringe

opthalmology device that facilitates physician high viscosity drug delivery.

tracheostomy innnovation

a speaking valve with an electronic flow monitoring module to detect and alert for tube dislodgement and occlusion in spontaneous breathing patients improving tracheostomy post-op management.
nephodite implant

implantable renal replacement device

changes the game by improving the quality of life and health outcomes for patients with end-stage renal disease.

robotic image guided intubation system

artificial intelligence and image processing guided robot for automatic intubation of patients.
intuberrier 1

covid-19 ppe for emergency teams

a device that helps protect healthcare workers from airborne particulates in an emergency setting.

automated quality control system

a precision electro-mechanical design implementation for automation of quality control processes at a large pharma company.

smart adherence device

electro mechanical device device to manage pills, with bluetooth connectivity, sensors, and portability battery.
Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 4.05.00 PM

flex PCB design and implementation

Customized flex electronics for helping patients manage their medications.