risk mitigated, user-centric
medical technology design

we offer seamless integration from early stage opportunity assessment to product development to design transfer

from medical device prototypes
to regulatory compliance


ask better questions

identify the right problem > develop a better solution


build to discover®

build fast, learn fast > verify as you go


systematic development

requirements-driven development > clear and simple execution


give back control

deliver the solution the patients did not know they wanted


iO testimonials

In the end we had a very successful project with a compliant device, ready for clinical trials. Not only are they easy to work with and great collaborators, they are also flexible and creative thinkers.

John Maroney CEO | Alessa Therapeutics | Implantable Drug Delivery

They put together a great process to obtain feedback from a focus group and observe clinicians interacting with the device.

Amir Tehrani COO | Rethink Medical | Wearable Monitor

What really impressed me was their process for gathering user and stakeholder data and how they incorporated that into the product design.

David Kuraguntla CEO | graftworx | Wearable Medtech

iO will help create and fine tune a working prototype to help get you to the next stage of investment.

Sathya Elumalai CEO | Aidar Health (formerly MDx) | Mobile Multisensor Monitor

They bring a very high level of experience and a unique view while working on the design development… Working with them has given me peace of mind.

Abhita Vohra CEO | Otomagnetics | Magnetic Drug Delivery

…produced an amazing product rendering for us. They are a nice, small team capable of handling design from inception to completion.

Bob Curtis CEO | Respira Therapeutics | Dry-Powder Inhaler Technology

from vision to validation

a partnership designed for creative and agile collaboration